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A Smarter Way to lose Weight. A Better Way to Get In Shape. A Faster Path to Success.  

If you want to look and feel great, fit in your old clothes, then the Physique 6 Week Program is the game changer you're looking for.


Will it challenge you? YES!


Will it be worth it?  Absolutely!


In order to stay on track, you must have the right plan. We can help you achieve your goals by providing you with a structured nutrition and exercise program.


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  • Tighten and Tone Your Overall Physique

    You'll get access to our fat-burning, muscle sculpting workouts with our master trainers with 4 Live Virtual or In-Gym Training Sessions Per Week. Easily and confidently fit into your favorite jeans or dresses and "shop" in your own closet. Make the mirror your new bestie!

  • Shed Those Unwanted Pounds and Stubborn Belly Fat with Expert Nutritional Guidance

    Get ongoing nutritional support to shed those unwanted pounds and stubborn belly fat for life. 

  • Improve your endurance, focus, and ability to tackle life head-on.

    Learn how to get in the fat burning zone and boost your metabolism with our customized cardio program. The resilience you develop during your training also helps you handle stress better in your daily life.

  • Know exactly how you're doing with your weekly progress assessments. No more guess work.

    You will learn how to track your progress with our weight and measurement system to keep yourself accountable and get coaching on how to get unstuck if ever you hit a plateau.

  • Omg! Check this Out! Stay motivated and get the body you've always dreamed of!

    You will learn about muscle priority and body awareness through proper form and technique all in a fun, energetic atmosphere.

  • Never feel lost and alone again in your fitness transformation journey.

    You will get Full Access to Physique Magnifique's 6-Week Virtual Coaches and Community for EXTRA SUPPORT.

  • Workouts that fit your busy schedule with weekly LIVE videos so you can stay on track with ease.

    LIVE or PRE-RECORDED CLASSES with your trainers, ask questions, get support and accountability whenever you need it.

  •  Get Rewarded Big Time for staying on track

    When you stay on track with our program, you can earn enough points to win a FREE month of workouts! 

  •  And much more!


We won’t let you give up or feel isolated. In our Private Facebook group, our Master Trainers are always there to guide you in the right direction and support you every step of the way. We are here for you whether you need EXTRA motivation, or you simply need to ask a question. 

"What can you accomplish with the right guidance?


You get to look good, feel stronger, and your body will become more sculpted.  Your form will improve a lot as you learn to engage your muscles properly...glutes, abs, chest, back, hamstrings and all! 


What's great about this program is that your eating habits will finally be in a happy place and you will have made a lifestyle change. 

Check out Nina's story - this could be you!


After years of fasting, starving myself, and binge eating, I ruined my metabolism. For me, the most important thing I've gained from this program is repairing my metabolism. I eat more and see results. Futaba has taught me how to make mindful eating choices that fuel my workouts and keep me satisfied. Thanks to Futaba, I learned so much about nutrition and how to properly put workouts together to see results. Futaba is encouraging and always knows what to say to get me back on track. I'm very thankful for the program and highly recommend it to all!


~ Nina Paige

To get started, please reserve your spot for our next 6-week challenge orientation below.

Benefits From Losing Weight

Let's face it, this PANDEMIC has made it hard on most people to get back on track, and the last thing we have been able to focus on is our HEALTH. Stress is the number one reason why most people gain weight and that is probably why you are on this page right now. 

  • New Habits

    Learning New Habits is key to long lasting results. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit and in the words of Albert Einstein "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." 

  • Nutrition

    Learning to eat healthy and learning to listen to our bodies is crucial in any weight loss journey. Very restrictive diets are usually the reason why people give up on their weight loss too early. Let us teach you how to eat to fuel and burn fat.

  • Self Care

    Taking care of yourself and taking the time to "recharge"  is one of the most important tools one can learn to deal with any kind of stress . If your goal is to lose fat, then practicing self care can make all the difference. Let us teach you how to incorporate this in your daily life for faster and better results.


"I lost 7.8lbs and 1 inch off my waist in just six  weeks. I had to be very mindful during the 6 week challenge because of my diabetes. As I incorporated healthier eating habits combined with a consistent exercise regimen, I started seeing the fruits of my discipline. I recently had a check-up with my doctor and, because my blood sugar levels have improved so much, my doctor wanted to know what I was doing! The confidence that I gained in this process inspired me to get ready for a bike marathon! This is just the beginning for me.  I'm now determined to continue working on my goals. Now I'm doing the Physique Magnifique Maintenance Program to push myself to the next level."  


I feel positive about transforming my body and that attitude has been key to yielding positive results!" - David Gallagher

Charmian and Nicole.

"I started my fitness journey in 2018 after years of leading a sedentary lifestyle and steady weight gain. I've never worked out in my life and have always hated physical education classes as a child. I discovered Physique Magnifque while browsing my workplace's health benefits page. I decided to try out Physique Magnifique's 6-Week Challenge on a whim, and I'm very glad I did. Futaba and Dionne are wonderful coaches who are examples of what eating well look like.  I'm looking forward to their Maintenance Program." - Charmian Wong


"I joined this gym and found out about their 6-week challenge. It was one of the best investments I've ever made! I was able to return to my pre-pregnancy weight after my first pregnancy. I found super fun people in the 6-Week Challenge and we had a lot of fun working out together. For my second pregnancy I gained a lot of weight early on and re-joined another 6-Week Challenge online due to the pandemic to control my weight gain during the pregnancy. Again, it turned out to be a great decision. Dionne and Futaba worked with me to help me feel as physically strong as I ever did and taught me how to manage my nutrition and control my cravings. My favorite part of the challenge was how they teach you to regulate your nutriton and match it with your workouts. This really helped me learn about what works best for my body and overall health. I recommend this gym and program to EVERYONE no matter what stage in life you are in to get back to feeling in tip top shape."- Nicole Salazar

You can Eat What?!

Want to learn how to burn fat without going on a super strict diet? Here's the thing, it's not about WHAT you eat, but WHEN you eat. Our challengers learn this from the day they sign up.

As long as you stick to the recommended list of foods, you can be as creative as you want to be!



The Physique Magnifique Team is here for you all the Way!

Let's Transform Together!



To get started, please reserve your spot for our next 6-week challenge orientation below.

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Message from your Trainers


Dionne and Futaba Here! We are here to remind you that it takes 6 weeks to form and break habits. Let us help you find the path to better health!

We have helped over 400 people, just like you, to lose weight, get healthier and transform their bodies. These people are moms, entrepreneurs, teachers, software engineers, electricians, students, and other working everyday people.


The 6-Week Challenge is going to give you all the tools you need to go from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Dionne Davis & Futaba Takashima

Founders, Physique 6 Week



Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions.

  • Q: What kind of equipment do I need to be able to take the online challenge?

    A: You will need a mat, good internet connection, and a set of 3lb, 5lb, and 8lb dumbbells. If you don't have access to dumbbells, you can fill water bottles of various sizes and fill them with sand and water.

  • Q: What if I miss a class? Will I be able to make it up?

    A: Yes, In the event that you miss a class, we have pre-recoreded classes that we will email you, so you can pick right back up in the next live class.

  • Q: How long does it take to see results?

    A: It can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks or more to see results from our program. That can be discouraging as so many of us are living in an instant world - we expect results and changes instantaneously. Don't get discouraged. Know that your hard work will pay off, even if you don't see the results you're looking for on the scale right away.

  • Q: I've never done weight resistance training before. Will I be able to keep up?

    A: Absolutely! This program is designed for beginners. We will teach you everything step by step.

  • Q: How many pounds can I expect to lose in this challenge?

    A: Results vary depending on how many pounds you have to lose from the beginning, but on average we typically see anywhere from 6 to 15 pounds. If you have more than 20 pounds to lose, we recommend that you sign up for our 12-week challenge.

  • Q: How long are the workouts and how many days a week are the training sessions ?

    A: The workouts are one hour long. Strength training classes are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:45am PST and 6:00pm PST. You'll do cardio on your own Tuesdays and Thursdays with our tailored cardio plan and Saturdays live with your trainer at 10am PST.

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